Since January 1st, 2017, Aumont-Aubrac is part of The new municipality Peyre-en-Aubrac (with Fau-de-Peyre, Javols, La Chaze-de-Peyre, Ste-Colombe-de-Peyre et St-Sauveur-de-Peyre). Discover below each village of Peyre en Aubrac




Altitude : 1050 m ; Pop. : 1136 inhab ; Surface : 2653 ha


In August, 2002, Aumont-Aubrac was the 12th village of France to obtain the label «Village étape». Learn more about the label :


Attractions in Aumont-Aubrac

  • The house of the Priory (seat of the actual Tourist Office) is a 1684 building restored in 1990. Visit its beautiful vaulted cellar and exhibition hall.

  • The Church Saint-Etienne (XII) rebuilt over the centuries.

  • The Mysterious Stone carved into a cross, some say it is a Christogram, others a Celtic cross or a swastika.

  • The Public Garden built in 2011 with children’s recreation area, greenery theater, picnic area under a giant sequoia…

  • The Statue of the Gevaudan Beast above the fountain in the Town Hall Place. This legendary beast hit our region from 1764 to 1767, killing more than 100 people.

  • Truc del Fabre : a giant statue of Christ and a panoramic view of the village.

Location : 8km from Aumont-Aubrac  ;Altitude : 1100 m ; Pop. : 175 inhab ; Surface : 2672 ha


Attractions in Fau de Peyre

  • Romanesque church of the XIIIth century with a splendid belfry with comb, typical of the Romanesque art in the region.
  • Church of Beauregard
  • Scarecrow show in Rimeizinc  

Location : 6km from Aumont-Aubrac ; Altitude : 1024 m ; Pop. : 330 inhab ; Surface : 3121 ha


Javols is the ancient Gallo-Roman capital of the Celtic people “Gabales”. It has occupied an area of ​​nearly 40ha and lasts 500 years before being erased from the landscape, by the cumulative effect of weather and climate. These two elements combined give it the quality of an exceptional conservatory of the history of an ancient city from its creation to its abandonment.


Attractions in Javols

  • Archaeological Museum and Site: discovery circuit with explanatory panels. Tel: +334. 

Location : 4km from Aumont-Aubrac ; Altitude : 1040 m ; Pop. : 245 inhab ; Surface : 1893 ha


Attractions in La Chaze-de-Peyre

  • The church of la Chaze de Peyre with its imposing granite bell tower and its 12th century choir.
  • The Pignède Chapel, located on the Way of Saint James was founded in 1525 by Father Bastide and formerly dedicated to the Holy Cross. Since 1868, the Virgin of Salette has been venerated there.

Location : 6km from Aumont-Aubrac ; Altitude : 1070 m ; Pop. : 238 inhab ; Surface : 2190 ha


Attractions in Sainte-Colombe-de-Peyre

  • The Church: 17th century statue of Saint-Privat in carved and painted wood, bronze bell from 1653 and carved wooden door;
  • The Rocher du Cher: seat of the Castle of a Vassal Barons de Peyre. A chapel below the rock is the last vestige of this castle;
  • Leisure center – The Ventouzet ; Tel .:;
  • The Moulinet lake: swimming, fishing, water sports (mid-June to end of Sept.) Pedal boats, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and stand-up paddle.

Location : 8km from Aumont-Aubrac ; Altitude : 1050 m ; Pop. : 267 inhab ; Surface : 2761 ha


Attractions in Saint-Sauveur-de-Peyre

  • The Rock of Peyre: large basaltic rock which at its 1180 meters of altitude dominates with 20 kilometers around the territory that some also call “the Gévaudan of Gévaudan”. This rock was the base of the castle of Astorg de Peyre and the seat of their important barony. An orientation table will allow you to discover a remarkable panorama.