The label “Village Étape”



A real alternative to service areas, a “Village Étape” (or step village) offers you a peaceful stop in a pleasant setting.


In august 2002, Aumont-Aubrac was the 12th village in France to obtain the label and the 2nd on the A75 motorway after Massiac.


You will find all the services you will need (bakeries, delicatessens, groceries, coffees, souvenir shops, garage, taxis …). Located less than 5 km or 5 min. of a main road, the Village Étape does not exceed 5,000 inhabitants and is committed to maintaining its village character.


To find out more, visit the Villages Étapes website



On the main traffic artery, the “Village étape” label is displayed on the three road signs preceding the actual exit, making the label a high quality reference.