Aumont-Aubrac station


Aumont-Aubrac is situated on the line Béziers – Millau – Clermont-FerrandDepending on the chosen departure time a bus may take you to Clermont-Ferrand and not the train. You can buy your ticket online on the  Autocars Lozère website.

The only train of the day as well as the buses stop at the station however this one is closed. It is therefore important to think about printing your train ticket before going to Aumont-Aubrac to avoid the last minute inconvenience and not to choose the withdrawal terminal when booking.


Taxis Gervais

7 Avenue de Peyre

Tél.: 04 66 42 80 17
Mobile : 06 77 08 43 31
@ :



Aumont-Aubrac is at the edge of the A75 motorway. Coming from the South, take exit 36, from North exit 35. Also located on the road Paris – South of France – Spain (Montpellier, Béziers, Barcelona …) think about carpooling ! Due to a lack of transport, it is a very usefull practice to share your car.


Transport Companies
(luggages & persons)
If you want to hike without your backpack or if you can’t continue to walk because of an injury you can ask some transport societies to carry your backpack or drive yourself to the next village on the path. Consult the list of transport companies.

If you do not have the possibility to print your ticket, the Tourist Office of Aumont offers a printing service for 0.30 € / sheet.