About the path


You have decided to come and discover the natural region Aubrac and we know that you will be seduced by following its mounts on 160 km starting from Aumont-Aubrac.
You will learn to know a very old country, turned upside down by the volcanic activity, crossed by the Roman legions and by the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago, shaped by the peasants who traced for their herds the “drailles” (= path of transhumance).
The association ADECA, made up of inhabitants of the Aubrac plateau and eager to share their love of this country will be pleased to welcome you all along this way.



The path is marked in yellow and red and it is still strongly advised to purchase the guidebook published by the French Federation of Hiking – Reference 616

Buy online: www.ffrandonnee.fr



Reservations are not required but highly recommended! You can find places to sleep on the official website of the Aubrac mounts Tour.

Where to leave your car?


During your trip, you can leave your car at the Garage GERVAIS for 5€/night or at the municipal campsite (only from June 1st to September 30) for 2,25€/night.

Please do not park your car in Place du Portail nor Place du Foirail : when we organize events, we sometimes need those squares free of vehicules. The station of Aumont-Aubrac has a free parking but the safety of your car is not guaranteed.

Luggages transport


If you want to hike without your backpack or if you can’t continue to walk because of an injury you can ask some transport societies to carry your backpack or drive yourself to the next village on the path. Consult the list of transport companies.