Calling France from abroad

Calling internationally requires more steps than calling within your own country.

International calls to France are no exception.

1. Dial the exit code. Depending on where you’re calling from, an exit code can range from two to four characters. In the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic and U.S. territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico, this code is 011.
  • If you’re calling from anywhere else in the world, visit to look up your exit code.
  • If you’re on a cell phone, you can save time by pressing +, which is on the same key as 0. This will not work on landline phones.

2. Dial 33. This is the country code for France. If you don’t use 33, you’ll be accessing a different country.


3. Dial the city code. The city code is the first two digits of the phone number. If the first digit of the city code starts with a 0, start with the second digit.
  • For example, in this number: 01 22 33 44 55, the city code is 01. Do not dial the 0 part of the area code. Just dial 1.


4. Dial the phone number. French phone numbers have eight digits (after the two-digit city code). The phone numbers are usually written as five pairs of numbers with a space between each pair. Sometimes dashes or periods are used instead of spaces.
  • For example, to dial a person in France at 01 22 33 44 55 from the US or Canada, you would dial 01133122334455.
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